All About that Belt…

No more reaching or bending! No more messy stations! No more having to hold your hair dryer between your legs or Bobby pins in your mouth. Introducing the KangaBelt! The KangaBelt! allows you to wear your station around your waist, keeping you more organized, efficient and productive!

The highly popular Thermal Pocket, is for ANYONE who has a flatiron or curling iron. This bad boy can snap on to a towel bar for easy access while getting ready, then immediately stored away in your drawer or on the go while traveling.

Our test marketing has proven that use of the KangaBelt! during a Blowout or Updo can shave off a minimum of 10 minutes by having everything needed for styling right on your waist! And you know what that could mean? More clients in a day, more money in your pocket!

Try out the KangaBelt! and just see how time saving, innovative and professional you will look, not to mention the possibility of getting more clients in a day. What are you waiting for? It’s #allaboutthatbelt!

Blowout Class

Our KangaCo! certified blowout instructors teach a unique, three step blowout technique for cosmetology students, salons, groups or even individuals. Please fill out the “contact us’ form to sign up and start having confidence in your up-dos and blowouts!

Please fill out the contact us form for questions and scheduling classes.

* images of The KangaBelt! in this video are from an earlier version for test marketing.



Eliminates bending, reaching and stooping.


Customize your station at your waist for each client.


Increased productivity puts $ in your pocket.


Keep your tools close and your station clean.


Project confidence for your clients.

Karen Percy, Owner
Karen Percy, Owner

About KangaCo!

KangaCo! is a company catering to the hair care industry through innovative styling tools and accessories. Owned and created by Karen Percy, we are based out of Nashville, TN.

Karen has been a salon owner, stylist and chemical specialist for over two decades. Karen has been named runner up best colorist in Nashville, was chosen as one of the top 40 colorists in the country by Redken NYC, has been published and as such, is keenly aware of what stylists need and want to make their craft more effective and profitable.

KangaCo! is proud to launch their first product, the KangaBelt!.  KangaBelt! is the first of many products to help stylists increase their productivity (mo’money!) and look more professional.  The innovative, modular pockets prove they’re not just for hairdressers. The popular Thermal Pocket can be used at home or on the go to store flat irons or curling irons. Stay tuned for more innovative products in the very near future!

Contact Us

For further information about the KangaBelt! or how to book a Blowout class, please use the form to contact us.