No more messy stations. No more having to hold your hair dyer between your legs or bobby pins in your mouth. The KangaBelt! allows you to wear your station around your waist, keeping you more organized, efficient, and productive!


The KangaBelt! Systems

Full System


Includes: Looping Belt, Product Pocket, Clip Pocket, Scissor Pocket, Thermal Pocket (5 items)

The Full System has it all. Whether you are cutting or styling, this system covers all your bases. Keep your station at your waist with all four of our time saving pockets. The easy snap on and off modular pockets are targeted for your exact needs!

*watch the video to see all the different ways a KangaBelt! can be used.

Blowout System


Includes: Looping Belt, Thermal Pocket, Product Pocket and Clip Pocket (4 items)

The Blowout System is designed to make doing blowouts and styling work easier! Whether you’re a stylist in a salon or someone doing hair and makeup behind the scenes, this is the system for you. You can easily hold a blow dryer, several brushes at one time, any spray, clips, and even flat irons and curling irons!

*watch the video to see all the different ways a KangaBelt! can be used.

Cutting System


Includes: Looping Belt, Scissor Pocket, Product Pocket (3 items)

This system is designed for the full service salon. The scissor pocket keeps all of your shears at your fingertips. Our product pocket is deep enough to hold your clippers or spray bottle.

*watch the video to see all the different ways a KangaBelt! can be used.

Create Your Own KangaBelt!

Thermal Pocket


Our Thermal Pocket is sized so it may hold a blow dryer, curling iron, and/or flat iron. It was designed to withstand very high heat so it is THE pocket for your hot styling tool. It is extremely durable and suited to keep your hot tool from falling or flopping out of the pocket.

The Thermal Pocket can also be used to hang on your towel bar while getting ready, then immediately put away while still hot OR traveling and on the go.

Product Pocket


Hairsprays and thermal sprays fit perfectly in our Product Pocket! It is specifically intended to universally suit any and all wet tools, but could also hold any of your brushes or clippers. It is constructed to keep your spray from falling or flopping out as you work.

Looping Belt


The Looping Belt is the first of it’s kind. The sliders in our looping system allow you to customize the size of your loops. You can keep multiple brushes off your station and at your fingertips. You can also arrange the loops to hold your blow dryer at your waist without a pocket.

Clip Pocket


The Clip Pocket was created with up-dos in mind. Whether you use it for bobby pins, hair pins, or Velcro rollers, they all fit in the pocket and are easy to get to because of its shallow design. You can fit most clip containers in this pocket for even more convenience.

Scissor Pocket


Our Scissor Pocket boasts three slots for three different sets of shears. It also has a front pocket to hold any extra razors, combs or whatever else you may need during your cut.

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